Imran & His Third wife

Khalid Umar

Can a married woman in her fifties, mother of 5 adult children and grandchildren, belonging to a modest, conservative Muslim religious family background of Pakistan dare to enter into a romantic relationship with another man, dating him over a period of more than 2 years? Would not it be against the social and cultural norms of the society? Well, it would be quite a daring step, more so for a woman if she happens to claim to be a religious scholar or a spiritual healer; a woman who strictly observes veil too.

I ask the readers this question, would they easily digest it if this is about their daughter, sister or mother? More so, if she says that the prophet Muhammad has asked her in dream to get divorce from her husband of 25 years and marry another rich man, notorious for his marriage stints and scandals. Would you sanction the marriage or get her sanctioned in a mental asylum? Would not it be blasphemy against the prophet?

I am talking of the veiled lady who may become the first lady of Pakistan if her husband succeeds in the forthcoming “General’s selections”. To me, she needs to hide behind her veil not out of piety but shame that she developed (an illicit) relationship while being in a committed relationship.

Imran-Pinky affair has opened many vistas of reflection on the society of Pakistan where at every tier, there is a dichotomy between the beliefs and real life. It also has brought about a very dangerous mindset of a man who is a would be PM of Pakistan. Critics of IK politics have cited his lying, manipulation, hypocrisy, U-Turns, bulldozing dissent, living on other people’s money, etc. but there is another facet of his personality highlighted by his latest marriage.

Quran and teachings of Islam strictly prohibit free mixing of opposite sexes. It asks both men and women to be modest. [al-Noor 24:30] [Ghaafir 40:19], etc. IK in every political talk sounds more like a preacher than a politician. The lady is on record of visiting and staying alone at IK residence (as his spiritual guide) at least 2 years before they dressed their relationship in the religious attire. They openly violated all the religious dictates which they claim to profess and defend.

This affair speaks very dangerously of a man who is vying to lead the nation of Pakistan to be easily hoodwinked by a woman claiming to hold some talisman and supernatural powers! She solved the problem by bringing the prophet in their dreams to get divorce and marry Imran Khan. What if tomorrow as PM, IK gets convinced that she is visited by the prophet to order a nuclear war on the enemies of Islam?

We have seen sermons of Tahirul Qadri telling people on stage that he hosted prophet Muhammad in Lahore and that he bought the prophet a flight ticket back to Saudi Arab when he decided to return! Nobody questioned such non-sense that one the one hand, the prophet visited the heavens to meet Allah on a winged mule 14 centuries ago, overnight; and in the 21st century he needed Tahirul Qadri to buy him a plane ticket to go to Saudi Arabia!!

So, you need to understand that magical thinking is readily accepted by the believers, without question. Harry Potter comes alive in Islam’s story books.

There was nothing sacred about her dreams. Even if she had visions, it represented her latent desires, as the nature of this desire was too uncomfortable for her to consciously admit in waking life. It is dangerous that an ordinary woman was able to convince him that she holds some talisman for the supernatural to work miracles.

She found an ingenious way to cover up her libido by claims of sacred dreams! They both desired something which was socially, morally and religiously unacceptable and would have been hard to digest socially by the public. They both exhibited a total lack of morality. She entered into a relationship with a man and then demanded divorce from her husband of 25 years.

To sanctify their dubious relationship, they needed the help of the highest religiously mandated person; nobody other than the prophet. What a dangerous charlatan! They are not representative of the society of Pakistan. They are outliers on the social spectrum. The elements of the deep state who are backing him needs to realise that they are betting on a deranged horse.

IK marriage saga shows that the aspirant Pakistani PM believes in magical thinking instead of being a scientific and rational thinker. It speaks dangerously of the mental stability of a man who may be the PM of a nuclear country.

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