Does the Islamophobia exist in Canadian Society?

By Asif Javed

The simple answer is no. There is no Islamophobia exists in Canadian Society. Islamophobia is a factitious controversy generated by hardliner Muslims in Canada for their ulterior motives. Islamophobia itself doesn’t exist in Canadian society. But there are genuine resentments related to orthodox Islam, which are incompatible and not aligned with the Canadian norms and values. Some common practices associated with orthodox Islam are Gender Discrimination, mandatory Niqab or Hijab, half witness of women, no right of divorce to women, one third part in inheritance for women, polygamy, allowance to beat a wife, female genital mutilation, stoning for adultery, amputation and beheading for criminal offences, ostracism of religious minorities and many more.

There are some genuine questions arise in the minds of common Canadians. Why Muslims need anti-Islamophobia law in Canada? Why Muslims need special preferences and immunity? Muslims are supposed to be polarized group in Canada because of their self imposed segregation and ghetoization instinct.

Let’s talk about a scenario where thousands of non-Muslim Canadians stood shoulder to shoulder with Muslim Canadians along with a non-Muslim Prime Minister of Canada, and non-Muslim Premier of Quebec at the funeral ceremony of few Muslim worshipers who were shot dead in a terrorist attempt in a Quebec mosque. This is a simple example that Canadian society is inclusive and plural, and there is no place of any kind of phobia against any particular religion including Islam.

In Canada, Canadian Muslims are living with peace and harmony in a multicultural and multi-faith society, together with 193 nationalities and over 40 major religions & faiths including Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists and of all other denomination in a spirit of brotherhood, unity and without any kind of phobia.

Phobia is a mental illness, like panic, depression, mania anxiety and so. If couple of Hardliner Muslims want a law in Canada against a particular phobia; Islamophobia, then what about other phobias, like Homophobia (Fear or negative & insulting attitude against homosexuality); Arachnophobia (The fear of spiders); Ophidiophobia (The fear of snakes); Acrophobia (The fear of heights); Agoraphobia (The fear of open or crowded spaces); Gynophobia (The abnormal fear of women) Cynophobia (The fear of dogs). Would they demand separate laws for all kind phobias?

A law against Islamophobia means, putting a wall around Muslims. It is a segregation and polarization of a particular group. In this situation, Muslims will face more hate, more violence and more discrimination. I don’t think that it could be wise idea to open up a Pandora box of hate, and discrimination against Muslims in Canada.

I am a Progressive, Secular and Liberal Muslim and I categorically reject Motion M-103 for the following reasons. This motion has a hidden agenda in itself. In case the motion got vote of acceptance and momentum it will lead to Anti-Islamophobia Law. Canadians can be persecuted for expressing any views or criticism on any issue related to Islam and Muslim radicalization. The motion is obviously structured to provide preferential treatment to those of the Muslim faith and to a culture which is diametrically opposed to many faith and cultural values held by many other Canadians. The motion appears to be using “Identity Politics” to favour one particular group (Islam & Muslims) and suffocating political and ideological thoughts and expressions.

The fine line is that, the motion technically and legally might not be directly detrimental to the freedom of speech, but if it is accepted, it will provide enough ground to snatch our freedom of expression from us. When Anti-Islamophobia Law will in effect, as a result of accepting this motion, any type of criticism on Islam and Muslim radicalization will be a hate crime. This unfounded anti-Islamophobia legislation will lead to chaos and destruction in Canadian society. This motion is the base camp of the Hardliner Muslims’ ambitions to establish Muslim Personal Laws and Sharia compliant Laws in Canada. This Motion M-103 is an attempt to usurp our freedom and rights from us as peaceful Canadians.

Barbaric sharea is knocking at the door of Canada. If it is not stopped, it will be imposed in Canada sooner or later.

Hard line & Radical Minded Muslims have made their Hideouts in Canadian Political System. Their sympathizers have been elected as Member Parliament in House of Commons. They want to impose Muslims’ Personal law and Sharea Compliant Laws here in Canada, by the way of Motion M-103. If the motion M-103, passed, it will not keep in the freezer. A study for determining the existence and the extent of Islamophobia, along with all other forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination will be carried out here in Canada, followed by the study of quantifying the amount of racism and religious discrimination in Canadian society. A database will be set-up for hate crimes against Muslims. This all will provide enough ground to Radical Muslims for demanding Sharea Compliant law & Muslim Personal Laws in Canada.

So just condemn Motion M-103. Ask your MP in House of Commons to Reject Motion M-103. Say No to Radical Islam and Sharea laws in Canada.

We the supporter of Pluralism and Inclusiveness in Canada, will keep protesting and not let their dreams to clip our freedom of speech!!

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  1. نجم الثاقب کاشغری says:

    آپ کے بنیادی نکتہ نظر کا پس منظر قابل فہم ہے۔اب تو یہ موشن منظور بھی ہو چکی۔بیچاری سیدھی سادھی مغربی جمہوریت کوکن جھمیلوں میں پھنسادیاگیا ہے۔آگے آگے دیکھیئے ہوتا ہے کیا !۔اب ” تحفظِ ناموسِ صحابہ موشن” ، “ردِارتداد “اور”امتناع قادیانیت بِل آف کینیڈا” کی باری ہے۔یہی نہیں بلکہ”توہین خداوند یسوع مسیح بل” ، “تحفظ ِعقائدِ تثلیث موشن” اور تحفظ ِختنہ موشن” بھی منظور ہونگے۔یہ تمسخر یامذاق کی بات نہیں جرمنی میں یہودیوں نے تحفظ ختنہ یہودیہ کا قانون پارلیمنٹ سے باقائدہ منظور کروایا ہوا ہے۔
    عمرانیات اور ابلاغیات کے ایک ادنیٰ طالبعلم ہونے کی حیثیت سے راقم آپ کے اس اپیل نما آر ٹیکل کے حوالہ سےالبتہ یہ کہنا چاہتا ہے کہ جو بات بھی پیش کی جائے وہ درست حقائق پر مبنی ہو۔ریکارڈ کی درستگی کے لئے سردست یہی کہوں گا کہ جہاں تک مذاہب ِعالم کا تعلق ہے تو اسلام نے ہی پندرہ سو برس قبل عورت کو طلاق/خلع اور وراثت کا حق عطا فرمایا تھا۔کئی مغربی ترقی یافتہ ممالک نے انیسویں بلکہ بیسویں صدی میں آکر عورت کو یہ حقوق دیئے۔غیر مسلم مستشرقین بھی اس کا اعتراف کرتے ہیں۔
    مسلمان ممالک کے علاوہ کینیڈا میں بھی خواتین کا برا حال ہے۔بیک وقت چار چار گرل فرینڈز/پارٹنر رکھنا بھی عورت کی توہین اور تذلیل ہے۔ کینیڈین پولیس ڈیپارٹمنٹ کی رپورٹ کے مطابق کینیڈا میں اوسطا ًہر چھ دن بعد ایک عورت اپنے پارٹنر کے ہاتھوں موت کے گھاٹ اتار دی جاتی ہے۔یہ کس قسم کا لبرل کلچر اور آزاد خیال معاشرہ ہے؟؟ان کینیڈین خواتین کے حق میں بھی پرزور اپیل ہونی چاہئے۔بیحد شکریہ۔

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